It’s done. The fifth edit of the fifth re-write is now in the eager hands of TotB.

Last Thursday we all got our own copies of the script. We went through the usual ceremonious procedures: we wrote our names on them, highlighted our lines (and that one line that isn’t yours but you got it by mistake and it drives you crazy for the rest of rehearsal), and christened the title page with a bit of spilled lasagna.

The first rehearsal, like any first dive into unknown territory, was pretty shallow. We read through the play, discussed questions and observations, went over some set ideas, costume and character thoughts too, and set the ominous “off book” date.

Overall a great first rehearsal. We’re all excited for tomorrow’s in Toronto where we’ll get on our feet and jump into scene work.  We’ll try to have some better pictures for you too (this was on a phone). Sheesh, before you know it we’ll be rolling through a city near you!


Read through


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