From the Left: Rebecca Steiner, Johnny Wideman, Benjamin Wert and Kimberlee Walker.

As we begin to block Forgiven/Forgotten we’re finding that the transitions (choreographing the change from one scene to another) can take just as much work as the scene itself. Gadfly:Sam Steiner Dodges the Draft (Written and directed by Rebecca Steiner) had very quick and fluid transitions that really defined the style of the show. With Forgiven/Forgotten we are trying to make them equally as intentional and captivating.

If the scenes of the play are the bricks, then the transitions are definitely the mortar that holds it all together. With Forgiven/Forgotten we want to have stylized transitions that speak to the action of the scene. For example (forgive the goofy ending to the clip)

In this scene Robyn (played by Kimberlee Walker) is left feeling abandoned and embarrased at the dinner table. Instead of just moving into the next scene, we wanted  to increase the feeling of isolation by keeping Kimberlee’s character frozen amongst a flurry of movement. The result, is hopefully a stylized look, that makes Kim seem invisible in a world thats buzzing past her.

Read throughs are great, but it is so exciting to see how transitions can transform the story into something entirely different once you get it on its feet!


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