carmans diner

Photo shoot after at Carman’s Diner (St. Stephen, NB) having just signed the guest book.

When we roll into town, often late, and pile out of the van tired and a little bit giddy, we find friendly faces opening their doors to us. Warm beds, tea and wine by fireplaces, enthusiastic picture-taking small town diners, and healthy snacks for the road are just some of the lovely hospitality (I’m proud to say, as an East coaster) that we’ve received so far on the Forgiven/Forgotten Maritimes Tour. (I’m also filled with glee each time the Ontarian TOTB folks exclaim over how beautiful the Maritimes are!).

Three days into performances and workshops, it’s very clear that this is no ordinary tour. As an actor, and someone who often writes and produces, it has been fascinating to see how the Forgiven/Forgotten tour is based in community. We are bringing accessible, current theatre directly to specific communities, portraying a snapshot of the ripple effect of crime in community, complete with talk backs as our “Act II” to start conversations in these communities about justice. These communities are diverse: universities, churches, high schools, and prisons. Each has different rules, different experiences, and different reactions. And for each one I feel so much gratitude that they have opened their doors to us, their homes, their dinner tables –but most of all that they have offered their voices to the conversation.

Theatre is a community endeavor, and Forgiven/Forgotten in particular depends on the generosity and openness of others. Thank you to the communities we have visited so far for warmly welcoming us in!

-Megan Piercey Monafu


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