Hi there, Beat blog followers! Ready for a quick update? We have now been in British Colombia for six days, and have performed seven shows. We have stayed in the homes of many kind and interesting people, and performed for a variety of audiences, including four shows for high school students. Things have been great so far, and I (Kim) feel tired, yet inspired! Getting up at 5am to get ready for our show this morning was totally worth it, as it feels like an honor to share this story and be engaged in subsequent conversations about restorative justice.

Here are some highlights so far, from my perspective:

  • Mountains! (Hence the picture).
  • Finding new things in the script after having spent some time away from the story. I’m discovering even deeper empathy for all of the characters, and the real humans they represent.
  • Checking out an art studio tour in Vancouver during our time off
  • Getting to know our many billets and having our hearts warmed by their hospitality
  • Eating at some of our favourite spots out here – such a sandwich shop that serves delicious sweet potato buns!
  • Our first highschool audience of the tour – 300 of them in a very cozy space, yet a teacher said that was the most attentive she’d ever seen them! Afterwards we got to talk to the drama class about everything from RJ to being an actor.
  • The talkback period we had in a church where individuals shared about their own experiences of being accepted into a church community after being in conflict with the law
  • Chatting after the show with a woman who took extensive notes about the concept of Restorative Justice so that she could talk about it with her family
  • Hearing audience members oooh or sigh or laugh during the show
  • Debriefing in the van after each show – not just about the performances, but also sharing about the meaningful conversations that were had with audience members afterwards.

Our days are pretty full, so the tour is flying by so far! There are lots more thoughts and conversations buzzing around our brains that may warrant later posts, but one thing I know for sure right now is that we are so thankful to be doing what we are doing. We are in a sense, “living the dream” of using theatre to create space for conversations we really care about. Yahooo!


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